Engagement & Wedding 

Buying an engagement ring is exciting and emotional. At A Cutting Edge, we will help you navigate through all of the options in engagement and wedding jewelry. We love talking diamonds and we want you to make a confident and educated decision.

Seeing is Believing
Engagement rings definitely need to be seen in person. We can't wait to show you the hundreds of choices in our store. You will have the widest selection of styles to choose from: vintage, modern, or classic looks all made using today's top technology. If you want everyone to ask, "Where did you get that beautiful ring?" you just have to visit A Cutting Edge.

What are my choices?
Diamonds are available in a wide variety of shapes, including round, princess, cushion and radiant. You may think first of shape, but the proportions and angles of your diamond are equally important. The perfect cut gives your stone brilliance and life. This is truly the key to having a beautiful diamond.


>Cut & Shape
The round cut diamond is most the popular shape in engagement rings today while the princess cut is a close second. More and more we find at A Cutting Edge that women are interested in seeing more unique cuts as well. Styles such as the radiant, asscher and baguette cuts have seen a resurgence in popularity as well. The illustration below will help you envision the best cut for your engagement ring:

Diamonds are rarely flawless. Diamonds often have “inclusions”: flaws inside the diamond. Like color, these inclusions are part of the GIA grading scale (link offsite). Any flaw will affect the cost of a diamond, but inclusions may not affect the look of the stone in your engagement ring. At A Cutting Edge, we specialize in diamonds that are clean to the naked eye, meaning you would have to look through a jewelers loop or microscope to see any inclusion.

Diamonds are often measured by their weight instead of their dimensions. A carat is the universal unit for diamonds. 1 carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. You may also hear diamond weight referred to as points. 100 points equals 1.00 carats, meaning 75 points is 0.75 carats. The more carat weight a single stone has the more valuable it can be.

The mounting refers to the ring in which your stone is set. This plays a key factor in the mood and feeling of the ring: romantic, dramatic, or classic.White gold is a popular choice for engagement rings. Yellow gold is another traditional choice and rose gold is rising in popularity as well. Palladium and platinum are other options for white metals. Palladium is an excellent choice for those with metal allergies. We offer a variety of settings and designs in each of these materials.  

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